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Enchanted Gypsy ~ Travel Diaries
"May the long time sun shine upon you,all love suround you and the pure light within you,guide your way on"~Incredible String Band
Follow along with our adventures as we set out to convert a school bus into a beautiful,energy efficient home that runs off recycled vegetable oil. We then embark on a life long adventure, roaming the country, selling our handcrafted art and music as we go, meeting strange and wonderful people along the way. Crazy,naive,you ask ? Maybe,..maybe not..

~ Joseph ~

Sunday, February 15, 2004
Joseph is a Nanday conure of unknown age. While running a wild bird rehab clinic near Los Angeles a woman called one day saying she found an injured parrot on the ground in L.A and would I help.Of course, I said I would. I went to her house to pick him up and was presented with a small brown box. When I returned home I opened the box and out stepped this small green parrot,in very poor shape. On the box lid was written the words Joseph "stringy", hence we named him Joseph.

It was immediately aparent to me that he had been through something traumatic. His wing was broken and he was extremely thin and malnourished.I carefully applied a splint to his injured wing and with some suplemental warmth and good nutrition, he was soon thriving.

Despite his obvious trauma he was from day one a very sweet, though somewhat aloof and odd bird. He has never been aggressive to me or any of the other birds. In fact, he fell imediately in love with Casper and to this day it is hard to sperate them. His only goal in life it seems is to constantly preen Casper. He sometimes sleeps under Caspers wing. For his part,Casper enjoys the attention, but would much rather be with myself or Moss. Joseph tolerates us humans, but is very much a birds bird.

I have often wondered about his past and where he came from. I did search and put out adds for lost birds but never received a response. He could be 15 years old for all I know. Was he once someones cherished pet? Someone who owned a cockatoo that maybe he was bonded too ? In the area where he was found there are huge flocks of feral Nanday conures,just like Joseph, that live wild. Was he a member of a wild flock that became injured and slightly brain damaged from an accident? Maybe that would explain his odd tamness. I have always thought thwere was something off about his behaviour, and he is blind in one eye.

He does seem to recognize other conures, he gets very excited at his own reflection and once while visiting a campground near by, we were visited by a wild flock of Nanday Conures, very close to where he was found. He definitely recognized his species and they began calling back and forth excitedly. They wanted him to go with them, and I couldnt help but wonder if they were his original wild flock.

All the same, he is now liveing in a small aviary with Casper, On our bus. He is quite hapy and will have a home with us for the rest of his life..however long that may be..