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Enchanted Gypsy ~ Travel Diaries
"May the long time sun shine upon you,all love suround you and the pure light within you,guide your way on"~Incredible String Band
Follow along with our adventures as we set out to convert a school bus into a beautiful,energy efficient home that runs off recycled vegetable oil. We then embark on a life long adventure, roaming the country, selling our handcrafted art and music as we go, meeting strange and wonderful people along the way. Crazy,naive,you ask ? Maybe,..maybe not..

~ Gaia ~

Sunday, February 15, 2004
The first year Moss and I were together we spent a good deal of time traveling around and liveing in a vw camper bus.

Once while driveing through Northern California we broke down near a great town called Willits, in the heart of the redwoods. A nice fellow stopped to help us, towed our car back to his place and let us stay there for a few days while it was fixed. The place was beautiful, a small communal house nestled deep in the redwoods .

While there someone stopped by with a box filled with puppies, one of the puppies, the prettiest and quietest one drew my attention. That puppy was Gaia and that was thirteen years ago.

She is a sweet, gentle dog and the smartest one you will ever know. Her mom was a golden retriever and her dad was a husky, she developed the best traits of both breeds, which happen to be my two favorite breeds. Her markings are pure husky but her temperment is so golden retriever. Her favorite things are swimming in lakes, rivers, creeks, and playing ball and stick, even at her now old age of thriteen.

Gaia is so well tempered she has never once hurt a wild animal. As a wildlife rehabber I know first hand the damage that dogs and cats can cause to native wildlife. Because of this I made it my mission to ensure that Gaia would never kill or chase the animals we lived with in the forest. While living so close to the earth in the tip, we had many oportunities to teach her as small animals and birds were constantly roaming through and around our home. It did not take her long to realize that these animals were friends and not food. I have seen a woodrat that used to share our tipi with us ( and even enjoy our warm fire with us on a cold night!) walk casually over her legs with her not even flinching.

We named her Gaia ( an earth goddess) because we were so inspired by the beauty and magik of the place where we met her...